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OWNing It: We’re Addicted to Oprah

6 Apr

Is Oprah your God? Have you made the move to her new home? OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network, has kept us all waiting for the original programming it promised. And though Kidnapped by the Kids may not be our cup of tea, Addicted to Foodspeaks SFoodie’s language.

The show premiered last night, and we waited with bated breath and Chinese takeout. We were hoping for an Intervention-meets-Celebrity Fit Club. Nestled between two warm and cuddly repeats of Half-Ton Teen lay Addicted to Food. The preview was a woman eating a red velvet cake and saying, “Every morning I wake up on a diet, and every night I end in failure” (cue voice-cracking on the last three words).

The first episode introduced us to an anorexic bulimic, five compulsive overeaters, a laxative bulimic, and a binge eater. The concept: eight people whose lives revolve around food, and one therapist from Texas. (No, it wasn’t Dr. Phil.) Teenie McCarty is a 20-year licensed therapist who focuses on eating disorders, with a history of compulsive overeating and bulimia. The show takes place at the facility she founded, Shades of Hope. Her daughters, also former bulimics, work at the facility, and her daughter-in-law is the executive director ― food addiction is the family business. The daughter-in-law is what they call a “normie” ― no addictions of her own, but to quote Teenie, “We love her anyway.”

The first step for the eight food addicts arriving at the ranch is detox. Whenever they go to the bathroom they have to be accompanied by a staff person, and they must learn the skill of continuous counting, singing, or talking while they perform their, uh, regular bathroom rituals. The rules: no purging, drinking, smoking, phones, books, magazines, or Internet.

There’s only one man in the group, and two of the women had gastric bypasses but gained back the weight. Easily the most interesting woman in treatment is Elizabeth, the anorexic and bulimic. She’s accused of purging the first night, and later we learn that she’s training to be a counselor for people with eating disorders. Though Elizabeth declares herself “sicker than they are,” counselors at Shades of Hope deem her the most difficult.

“It’s not about what we are eating,” says Teenie, “it’s about what’s eating us.” The addicts are weighed but never get to see the number on the scale. Shades of Hope is one of the few facilities that put every shade of food addict together, instead of separating by disease. Elizabeth shares that her biggest fear is being fat, and how difficult it is to be around this large group. She also tells the compulsive overeating man that her disease is much harder. In group therapy, where the goal is to practice confrontations with one another, she gets called out and breaks down.

Once you interrupt food processes, it seems, real feelings come up. Last night one woman shared that her overeating is partially because she’s never been honest with the fact that she’s attracted to women. And if we were being honest with ourselves, we’d admit that OWN’s Becoming Chaz promises more fun than Addicted to Food, but we’ll tune in next week for more binging and purging (of feelings). We have a feeling this journey of food addiction could end up satisfying.

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Katherine, Prince, Paris & Blanket talk with Oprah (live blogging)

8 Nov

If you are living under a rock, perhaps you haven’t heard that this Oprah’s last season and the girl is bringin it. The season before I was a bit over the Oprah show because I, a huge Hillary supporter, was sick of her Obama fundraising and I felt that she drifted away from what she does best and that is talk to people. These last few weeks of her show, with her interviews with Portia de Rossi and Ricky Martin, were so heartfelt and wonderful in light of the recent gay teenage suicides. Also, this past Friday’s episode, with all men who admitted to being sexually abused was also chilling as they were holding pictures of themselves from the age that they lost their innocence. Anyway, there was a preview for Monday’s (today’s) episode, which was the first interview with Katherine Jackson and Prince, Paris, and Blanket since Michael Jackson’s  death. One thing for certain is that this is must-see television and Oprah…you go girl! I loved the Lisa Marie Presley interview on Michael so I have high hopes

Katherine Jackson is a vision in blue, as soft spoken as Michael, and she gets choked up whenever she talks about him.

4:05 Oprah remembers when MJ didn’t want any pictures of himself as a teenager because he thought he was ugly. Katherine also remember that one day he needed a nose job because he was tired of how big it was. Katherine says eventually it got too small like a toothpick. She also said he skin was always still blotchy on his legs, despite bleaching of face and arms.

Preview for her interview with Dubya tomorrow, not nearly as exciting…

4:13 Katherine whispered that Lisa Marie sounded like a black girl on the phone. Oprah laughed and said, “you can say that on television”

4:15 The worst day of Katherine’s life. Apparently, Katherine still goes door to door as a Jehovah’s Witness. Joe left a message that an ambulence came to Michael’s house. They told her just to go to the hospital. Dr. Murray was the one that told her that he didn’t make it. The kids ran in and Paris said she wanted to go with him.

(Chills all over my body)

4:19 After the Pepsi burn, he was addicted to pain killers.

4:20 She confronted him once and said,  “I don’t want to hear one day that you overdosed, because it would break my heart. It would kill me. He said, “Mother, you don’t believe me” and denied.

4:24 Talking about 2005 trial and how Katherine was there every single day. She knew he didn’t do it. Michael used to say, “Mother, why are they accusing me of something I love the most? I’d rather slit my own wrists then hurt a child.”

4:31 Katherine couldn’t go as far as to accuse Dr. Murray of murder but she did say that she wants to ask him, “Why didn’t he take care of my child? Why did he leave the room? Why did you give that to him? It’s very dangerous, why did you do it?”

4:32 Didn’t know the children real real well, but she knew them well-enough and they had regular grandma visits. She said it was Debbie Roe’s idea to hide the kids. She didn’t like it, but never said anything.

4:34 Saddest moment in the interview thus far. Katherine said that the hardest thing was in the hospital when they said you can leave now, Paris said, “Grandma, where are we going?” *I just cried*

4:37 Paris’ walls are covered in Michael Jackson posters.

4:41 Joe Jackson is in the house. Oprah is surprised. They said they are not divorced nor have they filed for divorce. Joe also denied the beatings of Michael.

4:43 Arguing over difference between the words: beating, whipping, and strapping. Katherine admitted that Joe strapped the kids and said, “It’s how black people raise their kids.”

4:44 Katherine talks about their old rickety washing machine and how Michael would always dance to it when he was very small. *smile*

4:48 Meeting all the kids in the Jackson house: Jafar and Jermajesty. Now on to the most important grandkids. Prince likes video games and sports and he wants to produce movies and direct. Paris wants to be an actress and she talked about doing improvs with her dad. They all grew up watching the Jackson 5. Paris and Prince are now in regular school, Paris’ friend didn’t know until outdoor ed who she was.

4:56 Oprah asks the kids the hardest question: What’s their favorite memory with their dad?

Prince-  In Bahrain, waking up early and walking the beach with Coca-Cola and Skittles

Paris – Quality time with dad without the boys, on the roof in Vegas with Snickers and soda. Art museums, they both loved art. She said he was the best cook and the best dad ever. He made the best french toasts and breakfasts in the world. She misses everything the most.

I am sorry Mrs. Jackson and kids, you are good people!

Emmy’s Live Blogging

29 Aug

The show has begun. Since this is actually live on the West Coast, I think it is necessary to live blog. Here we go:

5:00p: Opening was kind of lame but I liked seeing Randy Jackson on guitar. I wish Jimmy Fallon had a cuter ass for The Boss impression. He is too compact.

5:11p Betty White has an awesome two-toned skirt suit.

5:15 I love Sheldon Cooper. Although he looks an awful lot like Posh spice.

5:25 Yay, Jane Lynch. From the South Side of Chicago…Not a Buddhist, but an actor. To her Glee cast: When I am not seething with jealousy, I am so proud of you!

5:33 Ugh, I can’t stand Matthew Perry or Lauren Graham. Worst presenters of the night. Although they announced two perfect winners: Betty White and NPH. They also announced Ryan Murphy as Best Directing in a Comedy. I love his work with Nip/Tuck and now Glee.

5:40 Sheldon Cooper aka Posh aka a cricket just beat out Steve Carell, Larry David, and more and took Best Lead Actor in a Comedy. SHOCKING!

5:45 Yay Carmela Soprano! Although I did have my fingers crossed for Tina Fey and Toni Collette

5:47 Kim Kardashian just sang: Reality. Will Arnett said: Luscious mounds. Top Chef won best reality show. Who wants to guess if Padma is stoned?

6:15 Sorry the last few awards have been boring. Bryan Cranston of “Breaking Bad” got Best Actor in a Drama. It was a threepeat. I feel like Dexter was robbed. He should cover Bryan in saran wrap and scalpel up his cheek.

6:22 All of the guest actor nominees in a Drama seemed like old people. I am thrilled John Lithgow won, he was so fantastic as a serial killer in Dexter.

6:24 Awesome! Jimmy is dressed as Elton John and doing a tribute to the shows lost this year. First, it was 24. Now he is one of the Boyz II Men doing goodbye to Law & Order. Lastly, we have a goodbye to Lost as performed by Jimmy as Billie Jo of Green Day

6:35 Kyra is boresville. She kissed Kevin Bacon…twice. She shouldn’t be allowed to win an Emmy, too.

6:48 “Mel Gibson, c’mon no, I am not going to have a go at him. He’s been through a lot. Not as much as the Jews” -Ricky Gervais. He then brought out beer. Best presenter fo sho. Bucky Gunts = Best Name I ever heard.

6:57 Daily Show win = apologizing for always winning

7:05 George Clooney, I would totally be down for watching your wardrobe malfunction in the Sudan.

7:10 I was eminated for a nommie. It takes a village to raise a child and a cast and crew to make a film- Julie Ormand

7:15 Claire Danes is clearly the best dressed of the night. I want to see the Autism movie now. I also want to call Claire, Eclair because she looks so edible.

7:19 Since I heard Jewel’s interview with Howard Stern, I am now a huge fan. She’s adding so much to the In Memoriam montage.

7:28 Claire won…like for serious. That’s like so Angela Chase.

7:40 Sorry, but Al Pacino can’t hold my interest for 2 seconds. He does have a super hot date/girlfriend, so clearly he is doing something right

7:46 Whoa, two miniseries were nominated and Steven Spielberg’s war movie won…shocking

7:53 Tom Sellek, you and Jimmy hugging in matching white tuxedos kind of did it for me.

7:54 Yay, BEST Drama Series is Mad Men! I agree. The oddest thing is that January Jones and Joan look awful but Peggy is a knockout.

7:58 Ted Danson should not have a goatee. Modern Family took Best Comedy. I only watched the first few episode, I guess I should get back in to it. Bummed that Curb or 30 Rock didn’t take it.

Bubbly is popped. Show is over…on time!


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