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Emmy’s Live Blogging

29 Aug

The show has begun. Since this is actually live on the West Coast, I think it is necessary to live blog. Here we go:

5:00p: Opening was kind of lame but I liked seeing Randy Jackson on guitar. I wish Jimmy Fallon had a cuter ass for The Boss impression. He is too compact.

5:11p Betty White has an awesome two-toned skirt suit.

5:15 I love Sheldon Cooper. Although he looks an awful lot like Posh spice.

5:25 Yay, Jane Lynch. From the South Side of Chicago…Not a Buddhist, but an actor. To her Glee cast: When I am not seething with jealousy, I am so proud of you!

5:33 Ugh, I can’t stand Matthew Perry or Lauren Graham. Worst presenters of the night. Although they announced two perfect winners: Betty White and NPH. They also announced Ryan Murphy as Best Directing in a Comedy. I love his work with Nip/Tuck and now Glee.

5:40 Sheldon Cooper aka Posh aka a cricket just beat out Steve Carell, Larry David, and more and took Best Lead Actor in a Comedy. SHOCKING!

5:45 Yay Carmela Soprano! Although I did have my fingers crossed for Tina Fey and Toni Collette

5:47 Kim Kardashian just sang: Reality. Will Arnett said: Luscious mounds. Top Chef won best reality show. Who wants to guess if Padma is stoned?

6:15 Sorry the last few awards have been boring. Bryan Cranston of “Breaking Bad” got Best Actor in a Drama. It was a threepeat. I feel like Dexter was robbed. He should cover Bryan in saran wrap and scalpel up his cheek.

6:22 All of the guest actor nominees in a Drama seemed like old people. I am thrilled John Lithgow won, he was so fantastic as a serial killer in Dexter.

6:24 Awesome! Jimmy is dressed as Elton John and doing a tribute to the shows lost this year. First, it was 24. Now he is one of the Boyz II Men doing goodbye to Law & Order. Lastly, we have a goodbye to Lost as performed by Jimmy as Billie Jo of Green Day

6:35 Kyra is boresville. She kissed Kevin Bacon…twice. She shouldn’t be allowed to win an Emmy, too.

6:48 “Mel Gibson, c’mon no, I am not going to have a go at him. He’s been through a lot. Not as much as the Jews” -Ricky Gervais. He then brought out beer. Best presenter fo sho. Bucky Gunts = Best Name I ever heard.

6:57 Daily Show win = apologizing for always winning

7:05 George Clooney, I would totally be down for watching your wardrobe malfunction in the Sudan.

7:10 I was eminated for a nommie. It takes a village to raise a child and a cast and crew to make a film- Julie Ormand

7:15 Claire Danes is clearly the best dressed of the night. I want to see the Autism movie now. I also want to call Claire, Eclair because she looks so edible.

7:19 Since I heard Jewel’s interview with Howard Stern, I am now a huge fan. She’s adding so much to the In Memoriam montage.

7:28 Claire won…like for serious. That’s like so Angela Chase.

7:40 Sorry, but Al Pacino can’t hold my interest for 2 seconds. He does have a super hot date/girlfriend, so clearly he is doing something right

7:46 Whoa, two miniseries were nominated and Steven Spielberg’s war movie won…shocking

7:53 Tom Sellek, you and Jimmy hugging in matching white tuxedos kind of did it for me.

7:54 Yay, BEST Drama Series is Mad Men! I agree. The oddest thing is that January Jones and Joan look awful but Peggy is a knockout.

7:58 Ted Danson should not have a goatee. Modern Family took Best Comedy. I only watched the first few episode, I guess I should get back in to it. Bummed that Curb or 30 Rock didn’t take it.

Bubbly is popped. Show is over…on time!


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