Recession Killed My Video Store

2 Aug

Please note the above is not my actual Hollywood Video, mine was the one located on Alameda and San Fernando in Burbank. I have been frequenting that store for 5 years. I have seen employees come and go and they have seen my relationships come and go as I add and delete boyfriends from my account. I have been MVP (movie value plan-but in my heart it stood for Most Valuable Patron) and most recently I was part of the Power Play Package. This was my video store. I would spend hours aisle walking and video hoarding before making my decisions.

You can imagine my surprise when I went there this week to return my videos and check out new ones as I have been doing weekly for years and the door was locked. The sign read “We are permanently closed, our lease was up and we could not renew. Please visit our other locations You can stick your rentals in the slot”. It was like they were asking me to stick my videos in a more vulgar place. I was hurt, abandoned, and really haven’t been able to shake this feeling all week.

I was listening to Robin’s News on the Howard Stern Show and she mentioned about a man being arrested for the second time for having sex with someone else’s horse. I got sad and remembered when I accidentally rented “Zoo” a documentary about a man that dies from a ruptured colon after having sex with a horse. Ok, not the most pleasant memory but a memory none the less.

It is the end of a relationship and it has been one of the longest ones I have ever had. I don’t want to sound like a snob but this is the first time this recession has affected me negatively and personally. Normally, I embrace the new sales/going out of business prices and have an entrepreneurial excitement about the new places that will be popping up but now I am completely bummed.

What shall I do now: strictly rent from the library, join Netflix, or watch more TV, after all, I pay for enough channels? I just know that nothing will beat buying a Venti Passion Iced Tea from SBUX with 3 Splenda and walking next door for hours of video aisle perusing.

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